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Arisent Education has the vision to create a skilled workforce that will embrace the knowledge and skills not to just become successful in local industry but also in the global market.  

Partnering with the best in class institutes, we aim in delivering the best education and develop skills in existing employees so that they become adaptable, agile and remains competitive across various industries.

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We create the perfect tailored solution for you

21st century learning is the development of a highly valuable skill set for the future. 21st century skills are flagged as critical for the digital and evolving economy. Instead of specific subject knowledge, 21st century skills are ways of thinking, ways of working and ways of Living.

Everyone is unique with their individual potential. Our expertise and international counselor guides to take the path in education and skill sets development to ensure that you start working "Outside the Box" and have competitive advantage across various roles.

Our Core Association

Training Vision Institute (TVI) is a leading adult education and consultancy organization based in Singapore. Founded in 1991, maximizing an individual's full potential through applied knowledge has always been our objective. TVI produces ready talents employed by the best corporations. As we approach the era of digitalization, we believe that talent is the main ingredient for anyone's success. Thus, TVI aim to create talents in the digital economy through quality programs that provide the necessary skills needed across different industries.  

TVI have five training centers scattered across the island to make training and education accessible to everyone.  

Partnering with leading universities and institutes globally training vision design curriculum and training plan that best fits the individual.

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International Education

The future of education lies in the individual's power to realize their own potential, and our institute provides the ideal environment for this. A 21st century education is about giving students the skills they need to succeed in this new world, and helping them grow the confidence to practice those skills. Arisent Education provides the best in class unique education programs that will not just build a solid career but will make students excel globally.

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Corporate Training

People are the most valuable asset for any organization. Fulfill your company's goals and carry out your strategic plans by building your best people in line. Determine the talents you are looking for and identify which of your people has transferable skills, and we will provide you with learning pathways for the right people to produce the talent you need and close the skills gap.  Experience + Acquired new skill sets is the best blend in any potential employee is the key weapon to drive an organization to its desired goal.

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